technology for 10 year olds

No one wants a dull child and the smartest kids are the parent’s best and pride which is why helping your children grow in the direction you want and they want is one of your tasks as a parent. One of the best and fun ways is to get your child an educational toy that will keep them busy with fun while they also learn. You can check out the  technology for 10 year olds you won’t be disappointed.

There are lots of tech toys that help the kids to stay busy and in turn answer questions that would have readily required you as a parent to provide answers to even with your busy schedule. Buying your child a tech toy would mean helping your child prepare for the life ahead, which happens to be a long journey of experience.

Criteria Used In Selecting technology for 10 year olds

Selecting the appropriate tech toy for your kids may be a daunting task as you wouldn’t know which is needed for your young child or know the most suitable ones for the associated age bracket. This post is to however help you understand the best way to choosing a tech toy for your wards by making you understand the criteria in which we chose the tech toys.

  • The durability of the tech toy
  • How educative the tech toy is
  • The complexity of the tech toy and how it will aid the child’s development
  • The affordability of the tech toy
  • How safe the tech toy is

Things To Consider Before Getting A Tech Toy For Your Kid

Providing your child with a tech toy that is educational comes with a lot of unwavering benefits that will readily aid your child’s development in different areas of their lives. The major reason for any game or toy whatsoever is to create fun and also distract the children from disturbing by keeping them engaged. However, tech toys are associated with the above benefits and many more which makes it a total package for a growing child.

The benefits of owning one or more tech toy as a child is listed below:

  • Mental Alertness
  • Fast Thinking
  • Increased Math skill
  • Helps in decision making

technology for 10 year olds

#1 The Makeblock mBot Smart Robot

This is one very good way to introduce your growing child to STEM. This robot kit product is made to have modules that readily fit together and it comes with a screwdriver. The product requires no soldering and is built with series of preset modes that will open your child’s brain to different functions associated with robots which includes getting rid of obstacles and following of line with a little bit of starter coding. For children who are a bit older and experienced the mBot can be controlled through a scratch based programming system. It also promises different extension packs that bring new features to the robot. Another good thing is that it is compatible with LEGO which adds another dimension of creativity for your child. This amazing tech toy increases creativity, focus and builds your child’s STEM’s knowledge. However, it might require parents’ monitoring for you

Makeblock mBot Smart Robot


#2. Shifu Orboot

The Shifu Orboot education globe is built with great detailing and it comes with the new augmented reality component and this not only brings the added fun but also allow your child to sync into the world of the toy. It comes with great fun and learning opportunities through the use of applications like the iOS, Kindle app and Android os. This toy allows your child to go on a world tour, get to hear different stories about the world, take quiz challenge, know about different cultures of the world, know different animals, understand the map and plenty other interesting topics. It would readily boost your child’s focus and memory. The downside is the product can sometimes arrive with missing pieces.Shifu Orboot

#3. WobbleWorks 3Doodler Create+

The wobbleWorks 3Doodler is a creative pen that brings fun to your child by creating 3D objects. This product makes use of melted plastics as the pen is used to trace the object the kids want to draw with the use of a freehand pen. The product comes in a very light version that is durable and very easy to understand. A bonus is that you are going to get instructions online. With this tech toy, your child is able to print 3D objects at will. This tech toy is great for a child’s creativity but requires parents monitoring.

WobbleWorks 3Doodler Create+

#4. LittleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

The littleBits Droid inventor kit was a wave last year amongst children, this new year the creative company is giving the kids a new adventure that features the Iconic Marvel Avengers heroes. The product comes with some electronic modules from littleBits, like light sensor, LED matrix, accelerometer and many more. You will also find in the pack all you need to build your preferred superhero getup. This is more like a gauntlet. The requirements are your Android devices or your iOS app that will help your child create a code to build their own heroes. This increases your child’s knack for building which in turn helps your child’s imagination.

LittleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

#5. Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit

The Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit is one of the best tech toys for every child’s development and imagination. This product allows your child to build their own flying objects. This will readily thrill any child with the knack for tech. The product comes with needed plastic parts, rechargeable batteries. This is going to be a basic drone building and yes it has flying features. You are able to control this device with your Android or iOS device. The cool thing about this is how you build the drone by connecting different electronic stuff. It comes with a manual that is easy to understand. Suitable for children age 13 and above, it increases your child’s knack for engineering and also helps to know about electronic connections. However, it requires monitoring from parents.

Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit

#6. Thames & Kosmos Sensors Alive

The unique Sensors Alive kit is built with three different sensors, you also get a station base and an app that works with your Android device and iOS. The kids are tasked with the collection of real-life sensor data. This is then used to create several varying creatures with the application. You give each creation attributes according to the data collected. You might have to create a creature with big bulgy eyes due to the collection of low light data for example. This helps you play with the creatures and also integrates physics learning while your child is having fun. Good for children aged 8 and up, it helps to teach your child physics, numbers, and creative imaginations. Although it has been reported to have some problems with the sensors.

Thames & Kosmos Sensors Alive

#7. SmartMax Start XL (Basic 42)

This is a type of building blocks from SmartMax that helps the kid prepare for problem solving and creativity. This is a toy that is built with varieties of magnetic rods and metallic balls. With these materials, the kids can have fun while building different stuff about their thinking and imaginations. The toy comes with 42 pieces and a bonus that allows you to use all other SmartMax building materials if you choose. This will help them expand their imagination and creativeness. This product also teaches STEM skills and knowledge relating to magnetic fields. It is good for learning basic building and suitable for children who love to build things.

SmartMax Start XL (Basic 42)

#8. Osmo Coding Jam Game

This game would readily boost your child’s knack for coding and understanding of music. This game can set them on the path to becoming one of the greatest producers of our time. This toy would teach them how to build and understand the need for interaction. This durable product is super exciting and the instructions are straightforward to understand. Your child will quickly get engrossed with this particular toy which leaves you more time to do other things. It helps your child learn how to code music and while having fun alongside. This product can be expensive.

Osmo Coding Jam Game

#9. Bloxels Build your Own Videogame

This is an exciting game that enhances the knowledge of your child in building new things. It will help them to learn how to develop games and characters according to their imaginations. This will also help them to know how to blend colors that will help them create art pixel. The child will be able to learn about building new games. This will, in turn, increase the child’s creativity and memory. Your kids will be having fun and doing what they want while they also learn. It will help your child to focus, pay attention to detail and increase creativity, but it takes time to build.

#10. Circuit Maze Board Game

This is a game of puzzle that readily teaches your ward about electricity and circuits. The game was well built with proper detailing and the kids have to beat about 60 challenges. The pieces will have to be moved about in order to fix them in the appropriate place. This is a tech toy that comes with problem-solving for kids and while also building their skills. This toy can also include adults as it creates a bond with you and your child. It is good for learning and problem-solving but can be challenging at times.


#11. Jiusion Handheld Digital Microscope

Viewing objects under a microscope can be fun for kids. You will be surprised at the level at which your kids would go to collect samples to view under their microscope. The more they view the more they learn about objects and even come up with surprises. This handheld microscope is connected to your laptop or desktop computer or it can also be connected to your smartphone for the view. The product allows up to 1000x magnification. The product is built with 8 LED lights that will bring illumination to your samples. Another good thing is it can also be used to take a photo or capture a video. It is very educative and interesting for kids.


#12. KD Interactive Aura Drone With Glove Controller

Drones are becoming a large part of the world’s story now. However, drones can be expensive and you need proper tutelage to pilot. The sweet idea behind the Aura drone is that it can be easily controlled with a hand glove. It is a design for indoor use. It comes with different safety measures that make it ideal for kids to use. Kids will enjoy controlling the drone with just a gesture and this will help to increase their focus and imagination. However, it needs monitoring.

#13. Osmo Genius Kit For iPad

For kids that have an iPad, this is a useful kit that will engage the kids with learnings. It comes with a series of fun and learning activities. The kids will be challenged with making of different shapes, spellings, tracing of pictures and also learn physics along the line. This helps kids to grow smart and yet comes with lots of fun. It is expandable and you can decide to get coding jam which teaches coding with music. This is also available on your iPhone. It is very educative and challenging but very expensive.

Osmo Genius Kit for iPad

#14. Kano Computer Kit

This is one way for your child to learn how to build a mini computer. This comes with varieties of software that readily inspires your kids to start coding for games or learning to programme. There are manuals to follow but they are very easy to access. The pack comes with a keyboard, mouse and other accessories that are needed to build the computer. The fun is all in the building and you can be sure to have your child get busy with this. It is a good way to start learning to programme, although it can be almost addictive.

Kano Computer Kit

#15. VTech Touch And Learn Activity Desk

As a parent you want your child to start getting familiar with technology. This product is a good way to start. You want to develop your child’s motor skills and yet expose them to technical knowledge. This is the best way to go about it. This is an interactive tech toy that teaches basic math, drawing, music and more. The availability of the digital desk helps to set the children in motion to learning. It is good for motor skills.

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

Tech toys are so much out there for kids which can alter the decision making for parents when trying to buy one for their kids. From the wide variety of tech toys on the market, the best tech toys for raising smart kids in 2019 have been carefully suggested above. Your children are at a growing age and you will need all the help you can get in order to help them become a smart child that will eventually become a smart adult.15 Best Tech Toys For Raising Smart Kids In 2019

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