musical toys for 4 year olds

music toys for toddlers

Music will always play a role in the development of a child. You will be amazed to see your toddler moving to your playlist or how grateful they look when you start to sing them a lullaby. The kids and or toddlers readily find peace in music just the same way adults also find music to be soul soothing. This is why you should consider buying your toddler the best music toys for toddlers. This will help them develop into great adults with a great sense for music and this will also teach them one or two things about music and creativity. Should you have challenges picking which is the best music toys for toddlers, this review article will help you a great deal to narrow your search.

Criteria For Choosing musical toys for 4 year olds

As much as beautiful and great it is to get your child a music toy, it is best to know that these toys are different in their own stead so it is best to know the criteria for choosing which is best for your toddler and in the market.

  • Safety: The musical toy has to be safe for the use of your toddler to avoid any form of accident.
  • Age consideration: Be sure that the musical toy you are getting your child is within the range of your child in order to avoid complications for the growing child.
  • Benefits of the toy: You should consider knowing how this toy will help your child develop, learn and also have fun along the line of use.
  •  Brand of the product: Choose specific brands that have the knack for giving great fun and learning advantage to your toddler while also making sure the brand gives quality products.
  • Review from other users: Be sure to read the reviews from other users of the musical toy you want to get for your toddler.

musical toys for 4 year olds

#1. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

This is an amazing product with an award to its name. The leapfrog musical rainbow tea set is superb in all fronts for music. It is colorful with six different magical colors while the song is being played. This product is also very good for learning as it teaches the kids different colors when playing tea time songs. For better enjoyment, this product is best shared amongst kids because it will give them a knack for social development and interaction. This product will give your kid all forms fun and yet teach them while the tea time music is in play.

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

#2. NextX Baby Musical Toys Keyboard Piano Electronic Learning Toys.

The NextX Baby Musical Toy is presented with 6 piano keyboards, 3 drums and 3 musical buttons that will keep the fun alive for the kids at all times. They get to have fun and yet learn a lot about music. The kids while dancing or moving to the music played by this toy will learn plenty of animal songs, and many other sounds that will help them develop and have fun. To make the fun more coordinated, the kids can choose to play the songs with the direction of the light coming up. This product has a very attractive design that will naturally appeal to your child. The product is durable and easy to understand for the kids. This will teach the toddler how to recognize patterns, colors and animals.

NextX Baby Musical Toys Keyboard Piano Electronic Learning Toys

#3. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Help your child explore her inner Mozart by getting her this wonderfully made Munchkin Mozart magic cube. The product is unique and helps your child to learn a lot. This attractive looking product will teach your child the combination of sounds and also how to produce the 8 different masterpiece of Mozart. The product presents with different instrumental sounds like the violin, harp, flute, French horn and the piano. The product is made to have an orchestra button that will beautifully combine all these sounds to give a great sound of music that your toddler will definitely love.

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

#4. Musical Learning Table Baby Toys

This small looking table is presented with a lot of musical features that your toddler will definitely fall in love with. The product is made to have the generic 8 musical sounds “do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do”. It is presented with classic tunes and musical sounds. It has instrumental sounds  that plays and lights up with series of lovely colours. The center music table is made to have removable legs which gives the newly walking toddler a chance to enjoy the toy in places they choose.

HANMUN Musical Learning Table Baby Toy


#5. Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele in Red

The Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele in red is one very attractive product that looks like a guitar and your toddler will definitely fancy having this. This will help your child develop their artistic prowess. The Ukulele wooden toy will let your toddler learn rhythm and strumming from the basics. Other creative techniques and skills will be developed along the line of use of this product by your kids. This beautiful looking product is fun and exciting that it takes full attention of your kids.  The kids will be happy to learn and happy play with the toy along the line.

Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele in Red

#6. WolVol Musical Learning Workbench Toy with Tools

This is a pretend play toy for kids and it comes with a chainsaw, hammer, screwdriver, electric drill and a bench clamp that comes with different tool sounds. To effectively use this tools the product has a beautiful handyman at the top of the bench that will make you hang the tools so it can be easily picked up when needed. The WolVol Musical Learning Workbench Toy is presented with a 3D ABC shapes that can be inserted into different holes and this will readily speak the names of the shape. The kids would learn musics, shapes, and also have fun along the line.

WolVol Musical Learning Workbench Toy with Tools

#7. Toy Piano Electronic Piano Keyboard

The Toy Piano Electronic Piano keyboard is a great piece of musical toy instrument. This teaches different sounds and tunes that will give the toddler a great deal of fun. The coordination of the toddler will be well polished as they learn to play with the piano’s keys while trying to play different tunes. The toy is built to have different tones and also 8 different built in songs that will keep the toddler at peace. The piano keyboard has a lid that can be placed to different heights for the comfort of the child. This is a great musical toy and a great learning tool for the kids.

Toy Piano Electronic Piano Keyboard

#8. WolVol Musical Activity Cube Play Center with Lights

WolVol Musical Activity Cube Play Center with Lights comes in a very attractive colour that will readily impress your toddler. The product houses different functions that will immediately teach your kids different skills while they also have fun with musical instruments. The child will learn how to converse on a telephone and also how to sing with this great toy for toddlers. You will be happy you get your toddler this toy as it will bring a sense of happiness to the toddler.

WolVol Musical Activity Cube Play Center with Lights

#9. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table shows that the musical world is offering a lot to toddlers and this product is what should be called the house of fun. This product is presented with a styled piano keyboard, a drum pad with a different sound and finally buttons that appear in different shapes and gives different sounds and melodies. The product houses a small French horn that gives non stop music. The product has a detachable leg that can either help your child to play while standing or play while on the floor. Great piece of toy to consider for your toddler.

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

#10. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space

The Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space is one of the best modern day musical toy that you can get for your toddler. The technology behind this product is great and it features lights, music and plenty of other sounds that will be fun for the kids. This product can be played in three different ways. The toy can be played while the kids are still in sitting position, the dance party tunes also bring a lot of fun. The child can also learn the alphabets and numbers with this product. The product is highly adaptable as it grows with your toddler from sitting to the standing and to the walking position.

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space

These are by far the best of the best musical toys you can gift your toddler, as it will help the child and you as a parent. This is because music brings peace to the kids and can make them focus without disturbing you while working. Reading the above reviews on best music toys for toddlers should reduce your stress of having to go on a hunting spree for a musical toy. Your child will find any of this product fun and interesting.

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