outdoor infant activities

Outdoor Games for Kids

For most kids in the 21st  century, their idea of play may only be limited to their iPads and computer or video games. However, there are perfect outdoor gifts and toys for kids of nowadays that your kids can have a good time playing with. It would be more than a healthy distraction from their technology-based entertainment, and it would give them a chance to stretch their limbs and bond with their peers in a physical environment. These outdoor toys are numerous in the market, and it is essential you pick the best. Getting the best outdoor gift for kids will generally make any child grow a feeling of likeness towards you, so don’t hesitate to wow your kids with the beautiful gift toys listed below.

Criteria For Choosing  Outdoor infant Activities

The value of outdoor physical activity to the development of kids cannot be overemphasized. Here, I give you certain criteria parents consider while shopping for the best outdoor gift for kids.

Available space on kids’ playground – It is essential to put into consideration the space that will be needed to enjoy the outdoor gifts or toys. This is because it will help you choose the best outdoor gift that would suit the available space.

The safety factor of gift or toy for kids – Every parent would not want what would cause their ward any form of harm or injury. This is why it is important to get all the details about the safety of the outdoor gift you are getting for your ward.

Brand – The product brand tells you how much quality you are getting for your money. This is because big brands stick solely with making quality products.

Reviews – It is important to read what others have said about the product you are buying, this will give you full insight into what works and what doesn’t work with the outdoor gift you are getting. You also get to know the kind of quality you are investing your money in.

outdoor infant activities

Below are our top picks from the various options we have for you.

#1. Strider 12 sport balance bike.

Every adult who cannot ride a bike now have at one point, or the other wished they could go back in time and learn how to ride a bike. This being said, a bike is a perfect gift for a kid, as apart from the fun part of learning how to do something new, the child also improves his leg strength and general wellbeing. The Strider 12 comes with training wheels, enabling the kids to have a safe and fun experience during their bike-riding. This product has excellent durability and easy maneuverability for kids.

#2. Kiddie play toy archery set

I’m sure you’d be more than proud as a parent to have your kid standing on the podium at the Olympics receiving a gold medal for his/her archery abilities. Well, the Kiddie play archery toy set gives your ward that perfect start and is guaranteed to hit a bullseye with your kids. The easy-to-use and easy-to-setup toy make it a kiddie’s favorite. Safety is also taken into cognizance as the arrowheads are not pointy, and as such cannot cause bodily harm to the children. The deal-breaker with this is that it can also be set up indoors and played in the confines of a building. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Kiddie Play Toy Archery Set

#3. Step2 kickback soccer goal and pitch back

Turn your kids into soccer superstars in their schools or local provinces. This soccer goal set gives them the perfect start in the game. The easy-to-use system makes it a fan-favorite. And the small size if the goals make it easier for the kids to defend properly while using this kit. The goalposts aren’t metal fitted, making it safe for kids, and eliminating any fear of fall hazards or injuries due to the goal falling on kids. So, go out there, get this product and who knows, you might be building the next World football superstar.

Step2 Kickback Soccer Goal And Pitch Back

#4. Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf set

This very affordable, easy-to-use equipment gives kids a feel of golf and the fun that comes with it. From the plastic fitted clubs, which ensure the safety of the kids, to the user-friendly golf balls and the very mobile golf cart, This product is a total steal and guarantees your kids loads of outdoor fun. Your kids get to improve their coordination, targeting skills, precision and also know the rules of golf gameplay. With this toy, your child can not have enough fun as it is highly engaging and it saves you the stress of having to be with the kids always.

Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Set

#5. Intex surf ‘n slide inflatable play center

Seeing this evokes memories of Will Smith’s 1998 hit “summertime.” This toy is perfect for hot summer afternoons. This guarantees total fun for the kids on a fun, wet afternoon. This 160-inch waterslide comes fitted with an easy-to-attach garden hose nozzle for maximum splash effect and a mat to prevent bruises. This gift toy will immediately have your child’s attention, and you will be happy you bought this gift. The product is easy to set up, and your child can begin to have fun almost instantly. So go out there, get this for your kids and watch them lap up the summer sun while splashing away with this fun material.

Intex Surf ’N Slide Inflatable Play Center

#6. Gazillion giant bubbles wand with solution

Another perfect summertime kids gift, this allows kids to enjoy chasing the colourful soap bubbles under the summer sun. This product already comes with a solution, making it ready to use straight away. The great addition to this product is the fact that both adults and kids can enjoy having fun with this toy. It creates that priceless bond that a parent would normally want to have with their child. The magic bubble is pretty enticing, and within a short space of time your kid spends with this toy, you would begin to see the classic happiness on his or her face.

Gazillion Incredibubble Wand

#7. Flybar maverick pogo stick

This extraordinary piece of science allows kids to jump to heights they may not be able to reach ordinarily. The springs are concealed with a foam-wrapped metal frame to protect your kids from any form of injuries. Let them have a blast bouncing around with their friends. This is a colourful product that gives proper fun to the kids and their friends you would enjoy watching them play with this beautiful outdoor toy, and you are guaranteed to have fun when watching them also. The product is cheap and does not need additional monitoring of parents.

Flybar Limited Edition Maverick Pogo Stick

#8. Inflatable giant beach ball

This is yet another summertime toy. This is perfect for dry days or days at the beach; the soft material of the ball prevents the kids from picking up any injuries due to the impact on the body from the ball. This is perfect for kickball or even form throwing and beach volleyball. Watch your kids have tons of fun running around kicking and throwing this inflatable ball. The price makes it affordable as your kids can own more than one of these outdoor balls. It is a toy that increases your child’s knack for breaking challenges as the toy allows your child to create a challenge for his or herself while playing and having fun.

Intex Jumbo Inflatable Ball

#9. Little Tikes Easyscore Basketball set

Want your kid to be the next basketball superstar? The Little Tikes easy score Basketball set is a perfect start for your kid. It’s got a decent height for kids; I dare say the perfect height. This basketball set is from plastic materials, very easy-to-set-up, with an easily adjustable hoop. Basketball with friends can improve your kid’s social skills and motor skills. This nice and meticulously made product is great for kids from 18 months to 5 years. They are always sure to have fun with their friends after you get them this beautiful outdoor toy.

Little Tikes Easyscore Basketball set

#10. Eezy Peezy monkey Bars Climbing Towers

We all know how most kids enjoy climbing anything they lay hands (or feet) on. The Eezy Peezy monkey bars climbing tower helps your kids enjoy climbing outdoors, rather than climbing the furniture indoors, exposing themselves to all sort of injury hazards. These monkey bars enable them to swing from bar to bar alongside their playmates. This activity improves motor skills, hand-eye coordination and overall agility in kids. The plastic framework makes it safe and stable for kids, as the plastic is also able to handle exposure to UV rays, making it the perfect outdoor toy.

Eezy Peezy monkey Bars Climbing Towers

Maybe a little number of scratches and bruises aren’t that bad for your kids, just kidding. The above-listed best outdoor gift for kids guarantee total enjoyment for your kids and their playmates. The pocket-friendly prices make them more than affordable, and the friendly, brightly colored plastic parts make them attractive to kids, and principal of all, ensures their safety during play.  Get these for your kids today and watch them go on about their love for you.

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