a page that described different type of gift idea for different age group from age 1 to teen.

Outdoor Games for Kids

outdoor infant activities

For most kids in the 21st  century, their idea of play may only be limited to their iPads and computer or video games. However, there are perfect outdoor gifts and toys for kids of nowadays that your kids can have a good time playing with. It would be more than a healthy distraction from their […]

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toddler toys

useful gifts for toddlers

It could be very challenging as a parent having to deal with the house chores and the average day’s job and yet come home to meet an always crying or disturbing toddler. This is why some parents have chosen to give their toddlers some pretty engaging toys to play with. However, you don’t just pick […]

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music toys for toddlers

musical toys for 4 year olds

Music will always play a role in the development of a child. You will be amazed to see your toddler moving to your playlist or how grateful they look when you start to sing them a lullaby. The kids and or toddlers readily find peace in music just the same way adults also find music […]

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