Challenge Of Social Media On Parenting And Solutions

social media parenting

My 13-year-old son recently removed me from his friends’ list on Facebook because of my constant knack and happiness to comment on his posts so as to feel connected to him. I never knew I was being a pest in his social circle anytime I leave my comments on his posts. I was hurt at the time but I took my time to understand why I had to be banished from being a friend to my own son on the internet. To my surprise, his colleagues apparently make jest of him any time they see my comments on his posts, and this makes him feel weird. I was so displeased that I wanted to ask him why he would choose the comments of friends over our sweet and ever blazing relationship but instead, I felt the need to understand how social media has changed the way kids will forever interact with their parents.

What Social Media is To Children

For the kids, social media is like a hangout venue for them and they tend to get the kind of popularity they want and are able to express themselves with little regards for the aftermath. It is even interesting to know that they call the social media space a ‘street’. The most popular social media platforms for the teens are Facebook, Instagram, SNAPCHAT and twitter. Children often find it hard to hang out on Facebook because of the numerous numbers of adults present on the social space which will limit their need for pure expression.

The Gap Created by Social Media

The social media is driving a gap between teens and their parents because the social media is a place that makes them feel heard, a place where they feel important and see themselves as the king and queens of their cliques. They communicate in vast numbers of code words that parents would never understand and this begin to tilt the child towards a life that is different from what the mother and father have trained the child to be fund of. These apps are like a home for most of the teenagers as this is where they get help for themselves without feeling the shyness and judgment that comes from a parent’s point of view.

Time Spent on The Internet

The teens and children spends most of their times on screened devices like smart phones and personal computers which in turn makes the children feel totally connected to the social apps. All of these apps are great for learning and as well great for influencing a child’s decision to make a wrong turn and this is to the sadness of the parents.

The Ease of Access

The ease at which the teens and children are able to get this app is so alarming and its effects on the life of the kids go beyond normal. A parent can successfully try to talk a teenager out of drinking or participating in detrimental social lifestyle but the moment the child decides to stay sane and true to the instructions from the parents then they become the topic on the social media and in turn faces a lot of criticism from their peers on social media. Gradually children like that begin to feel pressured and feel the need to feel among. In order not lose valuable friends; they go back into the dark circle of bad behaviors and immoral attitudes.

The Ease of Access to Detrimental Information

The social media has all info anyone might need at any interval and this is definitely going to hinder the parents influence on the children. An example is how children are able to make purchase of underage listed materials like alcohols and many other illegal substance on social media through the aid of a third party seller who has no reason to verify children’s age before selling and only in the need to make money.

It is easy to say parents should banish their children from using all sorts of technological equipment that will enable them get access to social media but in today’s modern age, all school works at all levels require the use of this technology. The students and children are tasked with reading books online, to watching short videos and other online materials that will help them academically going forward. Children while doing this are able to stray and give some valuable time to the social media which eventually thwarts the parent’s efforts in trying to get rid of social media influence in their child’s life. Parents have gone to the extent of blocking some contents on their child’s smartphone and yet with the help of friends and peers, children have been able to foil their parent’s efforts and get access to forbidden contents like porn, online betting or gambling, requesting dates, exchange of nude pictures and many more. This is a challenge for parents concerning how much a parent invests in giving their child a great moral value only for all those to get wiped away from the use of social media.

Solutions to the Challenge of social media on parenting

Spending more time With the Kids: Parents should learn to create time together with their kids from the moment they start exploring the internet and social media.

Parent’s Need to Know about Social Media: Parents should find a way to communicate their need to know about social media to their kids so the kids can open up about some tricks they try on social media.

Picking Up a hobby: Help your children to pick a new hobby on the internet like reading about a particular country, learning about sports, art, educative games, music and many other interesting activities that a teenager or kid would love to explore.

Create Trust: Parents should create a form of trustworthy atmosphere in the house that will make the child feel comfortable sharing thoughts of things going on in the internet social realm. It is important that a parent create a curfew time for internet usage in the house in order to get rid of addiction to social media.

Educating The Child about Social Media: Explanation of the danger that comes with excessive use of social media would also play an important role in the management of social media usage. Let your child know how particular information would hinder their progress in life and vice versa.

Leading by Example: Parents need to be guarded and keep their internet and social media exploits away from the kids. It is important that as a parent you lead by example by not spending much time on the screen while your kids are around.

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