unique gifts for grandkids


Through playing with toyschildren develop their motor and cognitive skill, helping them to overcome all of life’s obstacles. From an early age, toys help in the  child’s developments. They learn to walk, talk, socialize, acquire knowledge, grow emotionally, and develop social and spatial awareness.

HOW TO CHOOSE unique gifts for grandkids

  • The brand: select a brand that will effectively dish out quality toy products for your granddaughter
  • Product reviews: it is essential that before you choose any toy for your daughter, you pay attention to the previous reviews by previous users or present users.
  • Quality of the product: the quality of the product and how entertaining it is should also be a criterion you look at.
  • The price of the product: the products price should be within the average budget and should still give the best quality

unique gifts for grandkids


Break out the sleeping bags and leave the lights on. It’s a SLEEPOVER PARTY and we’re staying up late! Spin the spinner and attempt to complete one of over 200 ACT IT, WORK IT, or PARTY Challenges. Be the Human Mirror and copy everything another player does! Take Part in the “Funny Sound Com

” and make the most ridiculous noise you can!! Try to lick your own elbow!!! Being silly and having fun is the name of the game at this Sleepover, so be prepared to sing, laugh, perform, and make a general fool of yourself! Don’t fall asleep early, or you’ll miss out on earning the most cards and staying up all night! Kids rule at the SLEEPOVER PARTY, but mom and dad can play too… if they behave! First to 10 points wins


For the uninitiated, MASH stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House. To play this predict-the-future sleepover game, write MASH at the top of a piece of paper, and then fill in categories underneath — think husband, car, number of children, jobs, colors—adding five options per category. One player draws tally marks until the other says stop that’s your number. The first player then counts through the list, starting with the letters MASH, crossing items off along the way. When one option is left per category, it gets circled. Read through the circled .


An oldie, but goodie; Mom, stay within earshot so it all stays PG. The rules are simple: One player asks another “Truth or Dare?” If the person chooses “Truth,” she must, you guessed it, truthfully answer a question. If she opts for “Dare,” she’s obliged to complete a funny or slightly embarrassing task. Wanna get crazy? Change it to “Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise to Repeat.” For the Double part, the person must choose someone to help her complete the dare. Promise to repeat means you have to repeat a phrase, however humiliating, 10 times. Expect a lot of “I love Principal Jones” with that last one.


These paper fortune tellers are as essential to a good slumber party as freezing someone’s training bra. Sort of like an origami version of the Magic 8 Ball, for this sleepover game you fold the corners of a piece of paper and then write numbers and colors on the different flaps to create the cootie catcher. You ask the player to pick a number, then move the catcher that many times. With colors, you move the catcher the number of letters in the word. Eventually, you open the flap, where a fortune has been written underneath. In the ’80s, yours may have been, “You will marry Kirk Cameron.” Or “You will make the Guiness Book of World Records for having the world’s largest cassingle collection.” Need a refresher? Here are instructions from The Daring Book for Girls.


No, your girls are not ready for the kissy-kissy version of this party game (not ’til they’re at least 30, right?). But for a beauty theme, have the slumber party participants sit in a circle, taking turns spinning a nail polish bottle. Whoever the bottle points to gets a mani in that color. (Send the girls home with the bottles that “chose” them, too, as a fun favor.)


They ran around screaming for the first half hour, snarfed their pizza in a matter of minutes, broke out the candy and made it through less than half of the Katy Perry movie before declaring there’s nothing to do. Treasure hunt time! Come up with a list of clues that lead the girls from one room to another—outside is fun if you and the neighbors can handle it—offering a prize at the end.


If you or your daughter prefers to mix a few organized sleepover games into the slumber party festivities, this is a fun one. Place the girls in two teams, each standing in a circle with their hands behind their backs. Mom or Dad (or little sis who has been begging to be included) places the orange under one girl’s chin and she then has to pass the fruit to the person next to her—without using her hands. Orange drops on the floor? It must be picked up sans hands. Hilarity ensues. First team to make it around the circle wins.


We don’t know about you, but when our daughters get together with their friends, makeup is always involved. If you have some budding beauty queens in your slumber party mix, they might get a kick out of this twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. One guest is blindfolded, and then must perform a “makeover” on a friend. Be sure to have a camera (and plenty of makeup removal wipes) on hand for this one.


If it’s been a while since you played this classic game “that ties you up in knots,” you really must run—no sprint—to the store to pick it up. You remember how to play: One person spins the board, declaring “right hand, blue,” or “left foot, green,” forcing the players into all sorts of funny positions. For a modern spin, try Twister Dance, where you follow the lights to learn dances to songs like “Whip My Hair.” Yes, you will get very sick of Willow Smith, but the kids will have a blast.


Give your slumber party a DIY touch by adding a craft to the evening’s agenda. Decorating pillow cases is fun, easy, inexpensive and sends the girls home with a memorable birthday party favor they may actually use. Find plain pillowcases at a big box retailer, buy some fabric paint or fabric markers from your favorite craft store, or use Sharpies, iron-on letters and stencils. Set up an area where they can get a little messy and, in the morning, they have a fun take-home for the next slumber party extravaganza!


It may seem cliché, but girls really do love to talk on the phone. Make a game of it by bringing back this classic communications game. Have the girls stand in a line. The girl at the start of the line whispers a saying or phrase to the girl next to her, who passes it on to the next girl in line. This continues until it gets to the last girl, who announces what she heard. See, who said you need an iPhone 5 to have fun playing telephone?

2.SmartLab Toys Girls Only! Secret Message Lab

Product Description


Spies and best friends have some of the same agendas: keep secrets, and send coded messages that no one else can read!

Being a best friend can be hard work (especially when there are nosy brothers, sisters, or classmates around!).

But you can’t be a best friend alone! You need… your best friend! Just like you can’t send secret coded messages to someone who has no chance of learning to read them!

This means, you need two of everything. This Secret Message Lab has you covered. There’s no need to buy a second kit. Your best friend will get Everything that you get (except the activity book; you’ll have to share that).

Learn about codes and how to write in different ciphers. Learn about invisible ink–then send messages that can’t be read without the secret! There are several ways to write invisible messages… some show up on their own (like the Banana Telegram), and others need a bit of help (like access to UV light).

Have fun with chemistry, science, and the art of the secret code! Being sneaky has never been so fun

Girls Only! Secret Message Lab keeps secrets safe with invisible ink and teaches the science behind the mystery!

  • This kit contains everything young girls need to know to create codes and write secret messages
  • Contains enough materials for two girls to share and protect messages
  • For ages 8 and up
  • Contents include: 2 Cases, 2 UV Ink Pens with UV Lights, 2 Red Filters, 2 Red Markers, 2 Wax Crayons, 2 Spray Bottles, 4 Code Wheels, 2 Phonetic Code Cards, 2 Message Masks, 2 Sticker Sheets, 24-Page Activity Book.


  • 3.Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad 

About This Item

The Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad Kit lets kids trace and color detailed scenes like a pro. The ultra-thin tablet design and bright LED drawing surface make it easy. Kids can start tracing right away with the content inside, t The paper locking frame holds sheets in place, and the package converts into a shadow box to trace in bright rooms. This Crayola light-up pad allows kids to layer tracing sheets for cool effects. It’s slim and lightweight for portability. Little ones will have endless possibilities for customizing their drawings for hours of fun and entertainment.

  • overview

  • Bright LED drawing screen illuminates images to trace more easily

  • Paper-locking frame holds sheets in place to keep crisp tracing lines

  • Usable package converts into a shadow box to trace in bright rooms

  • Can also be used as a carry case for tracer and supplies

  • This set includes tracing pad, 12 colored pencils, 1 tracing pencil, 10 content sheets, 10 blank sheets and 1 convertible carton.

4.My Fairy Garden – Magical Cottage


Product Overview

My Fairy Garden™ is the first of its kind: a toy that’s also a real, live garden! Children love kits that allow them to grow plants at home; it gives them a connection to nature and a sense of satisfaction at having nurtured a living thing. My Fairy Garden takes it to a new, exciting level by allowing children to interact with it as part of an enchanting play set! Children plant the quick-germinating seeds, and care for their garden, all while setting up and playing with adorable fairies, woodland friends and accessories! It’s a great collectible line for children ages 4 and up!

An adorable flower pot that’s a welcoming fairy home your girls entertains friends and tends to her garden! The set includes everything needed to set up a play area: flowerpot cottage with opening doors and terrace, tray, cottage furniture, rooftop trim, toadstool, Freya the fairy, her chipmunk friend Hazel, and gardening accessories and tools. Also included are soil and quick-germinating seeds to get your garden started! Children can add other flowers or plants if they want, too! It’s a fun growing and play

5.Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids


The thing is, all the hard work GROW Garden Crafts recognizes that sometimes you just have to play in the dirt. GROW garden crafts will engage the imagination of young green thumbs all year round. Help youngsters connect with nature through creativity and care. Kids can express their artistic side with these crafts while still learning how to tend to their growing plants. It’s time for children to be included in this popular hobby, so captivate their developing minds while promoting creativity with these planters, terrariums and more.of making a terrarium has been done for you:
– Some ventilation holes punched out of the jar lid
– Seed selection made, with seeds that grow quickly and are sized well (with respect to grown size) for the terrarium
– Soil and pebbles clean and bright
– etc.

This lets kids get down to the fun part, i.e. actually putting everything together and then watering and watching, while skipping the parts of the project that might bore them if you did this from scratch (i.e. the adult having to track down a mason jar, matching lid, and then punch holes in it with a hammer and nail, for example).

The final result is attractive, the seeds in our kit grew quickly (about 24 hours ) and well, and it was manageable for kids, who were able to take ownership of the project and feel proud of the results.

It’s cheap, it looks good, it works, and it teaches something about biology/botany

and something about responsibility (e.g. watering to keep the plans growing).

6.Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit – With Voucher

witness one of nature’s most spectacular transformations up close with this reusable, collapsible habitat. Fine, transparent mesh lets you see butterfly metamorphosis up close. Product includes easy-to-use feeder andWalmartplete instructions for habitat. Butterfly larvae with food shipped directly to your home. The habitat collapses for storage when not in use. You can adopt and raise a handful of caterpillars, watch them transform into painted lady butterflies, then lift the garden cover to release your beautiful specimens into the wild. This exciting habitat makes a fabulous introduction to the miracles of nature. The larvae and food available round the year

  • Pop-up, reusable 11.5-inch tall mesh habitat perfect for butterfly viewing!
  • Witness one of nature’s most spectacular transformations up close
  • Includes feeding pipette andWalmartplete instructions.
  • 7.NATIONAL GEONGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab – 8 Vibrant Colored Crystals.

THE chemistry lab for crystal enthusiasts!
With this Mega Crystal Growing Lab children learn about crystal formation while magically growing crystals in 8 different colors! This deluxe kit includes a night light display that elegantly displays your 5 best crystals. Plus, removing and saving your completed crystals is easy with the 4 included silicone growing chambers! This STEM chemistry kit is the best way to start a rock collection and inspire your child with a love of science.

This kit includes: 8 colors of crystal growing powder, 8 seed rocks, 4 silicone growing chambers, 5 real crystal specimens (quartz, rose quartz, fluorite, calcite, amethyst), light up crystal display stand, stir stick, magnifying glass, STEM learning guide, and instructions.

Your kids will love growing and displaying their stunning crystals. National Geographic Toys is proud to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our products so that you can buy with confidence.

About the National Geographic Society
With a mission to inspire people to care about the planet, the 126-year-old National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations.

8.Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art, Assorted Colors


Create window art: make your window pop with over 20 whimsical window art illustrations and colors as you paint and design 12 suncatcher shapes and watch the colors illuminate from the sunshinePromote creativity: learn to mix paint colors to create unique designs and color patterns that Express your personal style Be original: trace illustrations from the included design booklet or create personal designs with the acetate sheet to make one-of-a-king window clings Sticks to glass surfaces: use the included suction cups that attach to windows with ease Great for gifting: great gift idea for birthdays, parties, after school fun, summer projects and holidays Keep the creativity going: continue creating fun window art with suncatcher refills, sold .We love the Suncatchers. Your grandchildren wil have great time doing them and you will ever be pleased with their  work.. 

9.4M Solar System Planetarium

Build your own glow-in-the-dark Solar System Planetarium Model! This kit includes everything you need to assemble, paint, and highlight your model with glow-in-the-dark paint. The completed model spans almost 12 inches and stands nearly six inches tall. The glow-in-the-dark paint enhances the space-like experience.

This craft kit teaches kids about space and the solar system. Although this desk model is obviously not proportionate in size and scale, the Solar System Planetarium offers an educational and creative learning opportunity. Once the model is completed, kids can use it as a decorative display!

This kit contains 3-dimensional Solar System planetarium model, one brush, one strip of paint pots, one tube of glow-in-the-dark paint, a stand with rotating arms, nine steel bars, sand paper, Saturn ring template, detailed instructions, and a bonus wall chart of the Solar System. You supply adult supervision. Although intended for ages 8 and up, this model requires a bit of care, as most of the pieces are quite small.

The Solar System Planetarium set teaches children about the wonders of the solar system. Just assemble, paint and learn.

This set includes planets, stencils, squeeze glow paint pen, rods, string, a fact-filled wall chart and 10 sets of Kidz Quiz questions.

Complete assembly instructions included.

No batteries required.

Recommended for ages 8 years and up.


10.ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon

ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon lets your diva make her hair as vibrant as her personality! Glide on temporary color and add strands of shimmering beads to do up her do! Hair chalk can be applied to dry hair of any color and washes out easily with shampoo. This kit contains 5 washable hair chalk pens, 24 metallic beads, hair beading tool and 24 hair elastics. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

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