The Challenge Of Modern Day Parenting And How To Overcome Them


If it is modern, then it is complicated, that is the one sentence I grew up hearing from my mother about things that surround us and that keeps us going as humans, a great example is technology and modern way of living. Technology was created to make living life easy for humans and that has been seen to be rightly so, however it has also brought complications to the way humans live their lives and especially to the way parents bring up their child. The introduction of social media, a series of applications that share different values and many more online platforms that teaches very dangerous things amongst the like have affected the effect of parental values in the life of children. The world itself is complicated as it is, so is parenting in the modern day.

A parent is tasked with making sure the quality of life-giving to their children is standard either by providing money to keep the family moving or by teaching values that will keep a child’s moral compass in the right direction. All these and many more are great challenges a parent has to go through to be the best for their children.

Technological Challenges

The technology has made training a child very difficult as they are now pretty much exposed to too many information that they find too interesting to not follow which in turn creates a barrier between the kids and the parents in terms of value sharing. The TV, the social media, the internet, and friends come all in hand to foil most of the teachings given by parents. This has been a major concern for parents and there’s only little any parents can do to thwart the process.

The Need to Keep Close friendship

There is also the “best-friend” standard that parents want to maintain with their children whereby they are able to share personal thoughts about movies, music, girl or boy issues and plenty other. This may seem like an ideal setting, however, kids get to pick a wrong turn at times and parents would readily go all negative and say NO to their children. This, in turn, disrupts the balance between both parties and the gap starts to build up and children become rebellious. Some parents go as far as explaining the reasons for their actions to the kids and yet it only seems to the kid that the mother or father is showing a lack of empathy. This is mostly so for kids because they have plenty information to choose from, either from their friends whose parents have allowed to do the same thing the other parent have said No to or from the social media geniuses who have sold lots of false information just for their own pocket riches.

Paying attention to the child’s need

There are some other telling issues that the children take in high regard and it means nothing to a parent but it is important that a parent knows just how to balance this particular shift and be sure to show the support when needed, however irrelevant it may seem to you. This will avert a lot of dangers and save you a lot of explanations as a parent. Imagine your child feeling the need to have a gist with you about a particular belief that he or she has and then you feel it is not important to talk to the child at the time because there is a work from office you have to offload, this will naturally tilt the child to go out seeking for help on that part, and the child may fall into the wrong hands of sick people who exploit a child’s weakness for their own gain. It is also possible that the child goes to the internet to find answers and they find the ones that feel good to them which may be bad for the kid going forward.

There is also the issue of working around the hour to make provision for the kids and the children are to stay around those trusted by the parents or instead pay professionals to look after the kids. These types of parent are trying to do the right thing but got lost in the end and find their child’s value deprecated.

The Fear of the Child Going Astray Due to Parents Past Experience

Some parents after reading a lot of bad experiences other parents have, they decide to go all military on their child and become so unapproachable for the kids. For a fact, this sometimes works on some very few children but it largely only brings fear and a breakdown in communication between a parent and their child.

How to Deal With The Challenge

Having looked at few points of challenges modern parents encounter just to raise a child, it is safe to say there is no fixed formula for raising a child as what works for A might not work for B. a parent can go all out to make sure a child becomes one of the best in the community, school, career, and moral values and yet the child does not find it important to be any of these things and some parents may do little to achieve this feat and they have a great child with great academic success, career success, moral success, and many other great values there is. It is also important to note that children also face a lot of life long challenges that come in range of peer pressure, psychological problems, hormonal problems, puberty and body change problems, mood swings, academic problems, social problems, extreme information, and social media influence.

All these can make parenting difficult and begin to make a parent have cold feet; however, this doesn’t have to be so because a parent can maintain consistent and proper parenting from the genesis of a child.

United Parenting

It is important to know the effect of consistent parenting because modern day children are very sensitive to difference. Both parents must make sure they agree on how to handle the kids because the tiniest bit of difference in value proposition can be exploited by the kids and things begin to go south. Parents should guide against conflicting instructions. Get the instructions sorted out before both parents comes forward.

Understanding the emotions of a child

Give the child’s opinion a thought and make sure you see them as humans that actually have emotions.

Knowing the type of friends your child spends time with

Parents can keep up with their child’s friends but be sure to not make it seem like you are stalking them.

Guide against comparison

Do not compare your child with other kids or their friends as this brings a sense of anguish and distance between the parent and the kids.


A parent should make trust an emblem because this will make the child feel free to share thoughts with you and you will be amazed at how interesting the world of the kids can be.

Having Fun

Parents should also have fun and pursue their own dreams while looking out for the kids, do not burn yourself out while trying to give the children a good life as this may lead to frustration and transferred aggression which the kids will not take likely.


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