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The smartwatch age is here, and the use of smartwatch is becoming a thing of trend. The kids are also getting in line to enjoy this great work of technology. This is why you should know about the best smart wristwatches for kids with gps. Smartwatches are great for a companion for kids, and it can also bring a sense of safety to the parent since parents can monitor their ward’s movement with the smartwatches. I have seen parents who keep on asking should I get my kid a smartwatch?, I respond to this by outlining the gain to getting a smartwatch for kids with gps, and I majorly make them believe there would not be a moment their decision is clouded with regret. Watch for kids make them feel great and also add a tone of style to their outfit.

Criteria for selecting best kids smartwatch with gps

There are various brands of smartwatches in the market, and this makes it difficult for parents to choose which the best is for their kids. The outline below would help to narrow down your search to the best in the market.

Quality of the product and Brand: before going for the smartwatch, it is crucial that you watch out for quality. Some brands have a reputation for producing the best products, which is why you should be brand specific.

The durability of the product: the ease of access should also be considered when buying a smartwatch.

Market review of the product: it is best to read what others have said about a particular smartwatch before purchase.

Price of the product: checking for the product with the best price and yet offers quality product is essential to the purchase of your kid’s smartwatch.

Best kids smartwatch with gps

#1. Caref GPS Phone Watch

The Caref GPS Phone Watch is an ideal product that will keep your child well entertained and taken care of at the same time. The watch gives you an avenue to keep track of your kid as it comes with the option of Wi-Fi, GPS and all connections relating to GSM. Parents are allowed to set safe zones for their kids with this wristwatch, and when the kid gets into these zones or leave the zones, you get a pop-up notification.

Kids can make calls with this smartwatch to selected five contacts. The smart wristwatch works with either iOS or Android app that allows parents to keep track of their kid’s movement and location. This is a durable smartwatch that comes with different games that will keep your kid busy and also learn in the process. The product is lightweight, colorful and has essential functions like calendars, alarm, and clock.


#2. HereO GPS Watch For Kids

The HereO GPS Watch For Kids is one of the best ways to keep track of your kid’s movement during busy hours of the day. The programmed settings for family location will show you every movement of the kids. This smartwatch is compatible with the iOS and the Android app. Safe zones can be set for your kids so you can know when the roam out of the safe zone. The product is durable and easy to understand. The product also gives your kid a clock, alarm and calendar features.

#3. ANDROSET Kids GPS Tracker SIM Card Operated Watch

This product is a classic, innovative watch, and its primary aim is to maintain the safety of your kid by giving you update on how your kid is moving at a particular place in a specific time. This a product built with a sim card port where you can insert your 2G sim card. It allows for a two-way call through the GSM feature. The inbuilt GPS Tracker is richly accurate, and it functions through the help of GNSS, LBS and Wi-Fi. The device comes with an accelerometer and also a Google maps API.

The device’s Tinitell mobile app can work with iOS and Android devices. By pushing the volume button of the device, it provides you with the time.

#4. Tencent QQ Watch: GPS Phone Smartwatch

This richly colorful and stylish wristwatch will easily attract your child. For kids who are easily impressed with beautiful colors and stylishness, the Tencent QQ Watch is the watch to get them. The watch is not just stylish and elegant, it is also very powerful, and it promises a 2G GSM connectivity. The device can add up to 5 family contacts and 16 friends to give the child an avenue to keep in touch with their loved ones.

The watch allows you to set an emergency contact to immediately get in touch with by tapping a designated button when there is an emergency. This device can also be used to chat with friends, make simple short videos, set alarms, view weather forecast, send voice notes and finally can be used as a pedometer.

#5. LG GizmoPal GPS Tracking Child Wearable Smartwatch

When you see the name LG on an electronic device, you automatically know you are going for the best product in the market. This is why getting your child an LG GizmoPal GPS tracking child wearable smartwatch is a bargain of quality. This device readily gives in-depth information about a child’s whereabouts at all times which provides the parent with a sense of safety.

The rubber made device is cool and feels comfortable on your child’s wrist. The device’s connectivity can work on iOS and Android devices. The great thing about this product is its preloaded games and a series of educational stuff that will keep your kid engaged always.


#6. GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch

This product is one of the best smartwatches you can get in the market as it comes with high quality and powerful machine. The product is pretty enchanting, and it is built with GBD-GPS tracking device for kids. You are going to get a host of exciting and intelligent GSM compatible features like touch screen, caller ID, sim card slot, games, Wi-Fi, GSM tracking and series of other activities that will keep your ward busy.

The product is made in different colors, and the powerful machine makes it last longer. The product is easily accessible and easy to use. When the device gets stained, you can quickly wipe it clean with a tissue or soft towel which is as a result of the rubber make.

#7. Moff Band – Wearable Smart Toy

This device is unique in its design and make because of its heightened knack for entertaining kids. It shows you every move your kids make while you are away. The smartwatch promises to allow a series of downloads that will make the device feeling new at all times due to the new downloads your child makes. If your child’s friend also has the same device, they can both get synced which will allow for greater fun when playing together. The availability of the device in various beautiful colors makes it attractive to kids. The beauty of the product is it can perfectly work with some mobile devices that run on iOS or Android software. The Moff smartwatch is easy to use and also reels for quality.

#8. TickTalk 1.0S Touch Screen Kids Wearable Tracker

This device takes protection to its peak. The TickTalk 1.0S touch screen kids wearable tracker is without question one of the best you can invest your money on in the smartwatch market. It gives absolute assurance of security as it gives details about your child’s movement. The device presents a two-way calling feature to the parents. The device is preloaded with emergency numbers, and you can also store about ten other contacts of your choice. You can communicate easily with your kids by sending text messages or voice messages. You can easily monitor all processes with the preloaded application on your Android or iOS devices.

#9. vTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

The vTech kidizoom watch is an assurance that your kids can get busy while parents are away or busy with house chores. The device is preloaded with three beautiful and engaging activities of fun, three action-packed challenge games, and five different games that will readily keep the kids distracted and engaged for a long period.

The inbuilt motion detector will immediately alert the parent of their child’s movements. The smartwatch presents with an inbuilt camera, photo editor, video camera, voice recorder, voice effects, and a perfectly engineered touch screen. Other featuring activities include the calendar, alarm, calculator and clock functions. Another beautiful part of the device is that it is splash and sweat proof. The battery is greatly efficient as it lasts for days after a single complete charge.

#10. Orbo Kids Smartwatch

This is a beautiful watch that will readily catch the attention of children, its durability is top notch, and the kids would love the very friendly touch screen feature. The watch is presented with a read-aloud time feature after a simple tap on the designated button. The Orbo kids smartwatch offers a very easy to navigate menu icons. The menu is preloaded with up to 16 different activities that will have your kids staying engaged at all times. The in-built game will amaze the kids. The camera is also pretty great.

The above-listed smartwatches are the best you can get in the market because they give adequate quality and you don’t have to break the bank to get them. These are devices that give durability and optimum GPS tracking features. These watches are best sellers, and you will be happy to give any of these devices a thought.

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